Asian Incall (Taylor’s Tales)

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Taylor has started working as a motorcycle mechanic and his horniness meter has risen. His friend Lou gives him an idea. Why not visit a professional? Taylor thought about it and decided to do some research. This leads him to visiting three Asian women, satisfying his needs, for now.

Curious about the Asian In call scene? Get a peek inside by reading this Taylor’s Tales story titled Asian Incall.


Taylor crossed over Eleventh Avenue and headed towards ninth. His hands were kind of shaky, not just from the cold, and he had to keep slowing his pace down otherwise his walk would turn into a run. What am I doing?  Maybe I should just head to the train station and go home? Maybe I should just hit the bar and try to get laid that way?

He looked up and saw that he had arrived on ninth avenue. He turned right and headed towards 42nd street. Even still, Taylor couldn’t help but be curious, and with him, curiosity always won over will power. There on the same sidewalk as Taylor, walking towards him was an Asian girl. Her eyes were a dark piercing brown. She had mid-back length hair with light brown highlights and her lips were painted pink or perhaps that was her natural lip color.

She looked so exotic he wondered if that was how the girl he would meet looked. Would I be having sex with a hot Asian girl in just a few minutes? Oh yes, curiosity was definitely the winner.

The place Taylor was headed had some mixed reviews and he wondered if maybe some guys were expecting way too much.  Not a GFE, some guys stated. Some guys expected these girls to act like girlfriends and give them that type of experience, but that’s not what he wanted. He just wanted to be with someone new. He wanted to see her naked and maybe do a few positions he’d never tried before. A girlfriend experience?  Not exactly what Taylor was looking for right now.

Not one of the reviews described what the place looked like. Would it be how he imagined it or worse?  On TV and in the movies, the ladies who did this sort of thing were always portrayed in a bad light. They looked old, tattered, and as if they had every single infection known to man- and then they would cough. The hotel’s they usually worked out of didn’t look much better. They were usually dingy looking with stained carpeting, brown towels that were supposed to be white, and even the bed was usually broken.  He couldn’t help but wonder if that was what this place would be like.

When he finally made it to the corner of 42nd and ninth he stopped and scanned the area. On the corner where he stood there was a bank. To the south was a Papaya hot dog stand. To the east was another bank and on the southeast corner was a Dunkin’ Donuts. As he continued to scan the area he noticed a few grocery stores, a pizza shop and even saw the port authority bus terminal a few blocks away. Where is this place? He continued to scan to see if he could tell where it could be. Then he felt stupid, like if there would be a sign posted with an arrow stating “Asian girls, this way.”

Taylor wondered if the phone girl told him the wrong street. After standing there for five minutes trying to guess the location, he reached for his phone and hit redial.

“This is Taylor. You told me to call you when I got to the corner of 42nd and ninth.”
“OK. You here? Where are you?  I don’t see you.”
“I’m on the corner by the bank.”
“Get in front of the Papaya. What you wearing?”
He waited for the light to change and then crossed the street. “I’m wearing a black coat and black hat.”
“Oh, I see you now. Come directly across the street and ring the bell, number three.”
“Got it.”

Right across the street there was a black door all by itself. It seemed so out of place, like an apartment building entrance among a bunch of commercial properties. Taylor stood in front of the door and looked to his left and then to his right. He pressed the number three button and the door buzzer sounded.

He pushed open the door to find a steep white staircase directly behind it leading up. Climbing the steps he began to wonder if this could be some sort of setup. His imagination was getting the best of him again. He figured it was silly of anyone to go through all this trouble just to set him up. There are much easier ways to rob someone.

Once at the top of the first flight of stairs he saw that the door in front of him had a number two nailed into it. He still had one more flight to go. With two steps left on the last flight, the number three door opened just a crack. Taylor stopped in front of it and waited to see what happened next. A cute Asian girl around five feet tall opened the door and motioned for him to come in.

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