Should I?

Should I ec panhoff sleep sex moms best friend

Scotty’s parents are taking a two week safari to Africa leaving him at home with his mothers best friend Jenny. She showed up unannounced, but it worked out for the best because she can house sit for them– since Scotty isn’t all that responsible.

Scotty’s a virgin and so is his girlfriend. When he makes his move she turns him down and when he arrives home he’s met with a sleeping surprise and a question– “Should I?”

After bumping into Scotty on his way to the bathroom, Jenny can’t get him out of her mind. When an opportunity presents itself, she must decide if she will give in to her desires the way Scotty had.

Excerpt: This is the part when Scotty returns home from blowing it with his girlfriend and finds Jenny asleep in her bed.

On my way home I wonder what I could’ve done differently. I don’t think I did anything wrong. I mean, who gets upset when they’re told they look beautiful today. Geez! Wait until Jenny hears about how this went, she’s gonna be like that girl is crazy, and maybe she’s right.

I walk through the front door and lock it. “Jenny, you home?” I yell out. There’s no response and I figure she must’ve went out– maybe she’s at the beach going for a swim. Hmm, I haven’t seen her in a bikini yet, she must look awesome. As I walk over to the fridge I begin to imagine what she might look like walking out of the water dripping wet from head to toe. I reach down into the crisper and grab myself a beer. I crack the top and drink it as fast as possible and then throw the bottle into the recyclable bin. No ones home so no one will know.

“I can’t believe that went so badly,” I yell out loud, as if arguing with an invisible person. “She’s never going to have sex with me! Shit, I think she even broke up with me! Screw it!”

I decide that I’m going to go jerk off, that’ll help me relax for a bit. I’m not in the mood to hunt for anything online and instead decide to get one of the DVDs from my parents “secret” collection.

I walk into my room and strip off my clothes. I put on my green lounging around shorts and get ready to head over to their room. I had stumbled upon their hidden collection of porn DVDs one day when I was looking for a tie my dad said was in there. I figure I’ll watch the lesbian movie where there’s a scene with three women laying on their sides in the shape of a triangle, all eating each other out. Man just the thought of that is starting to get me excited.

I exit my room and head over to theirs, which is straight ahead. The door is open and I walk straight in heading over to the closet. I grab the box on the top shelf and look through the DVD cases, looking for the lesbian one. Jackpot. I grab it and then place the other ones back in the box; placing the box back on the shelf.

Stepping back and sliding the closet door shut, I turn to walk out and realize that Jenny is in the bed. The room is quite large and seems even bigger since there isn’t much furniture in the bedroom. Both my mom and dad felt that only what was necessary should be bought.

“Oh sorry Jenny. Jenny?”

She doesn’t respond, she must be out like a light. She’s lying on the right side of the queen size mattress and from where I’m standing, her feet are pointing at me. The head board is resting on the wall farthest from me and she’s lying on her side facing to the right.

Her legs from the knees down are exposed and she has a sheet covering her upper thighs to her waist. From my current position it appears that she might be topless. Being both horny and curious I want to take a closer look. I’ve only seen naked women in porn and in nude magazines, so seeing breasts in person is an opportunity I don’t think I can pass up.

As I get closer to the foot of the bed I focus on her feet. She has such pretty feet and for the first time I think that I would like to kiss them. I’ve watched foot fetish videos online and have wondered why guys do that, and if it’s actually fun. Now I find myself wanting to find out.

“Hey Jenny are you awake? Hey Jenny?”

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