Wanting To Love Again


Wanting To Love Stories are about hope. The hope that there’s someone out there for each of us and their willingness to accept us, no matter who we are.

Book 1:

Ryan owns Most Beautiful, a gentleman’s club, and has one main rule he lives by: Never mix business with pleasure. Unfortunately for him, most women don’t believe he doesn’t fool around with the help, and as soon as they find out what he does for a living–they walk away.

He’s had his heart broken twice when he was younger and gave up on love, thinking he’s not meant to have anyone love him. Ryan’s grown tired of one night stands and meaningless encounters and decides to go see a matchmaker. After fifteen years, he’s finally ready to open his heart again.

Miley’s a graphic designer for a fashion company in NoHo and she likes things a little kinky in the bedroom. Unfortunately for her, even though her boyfriends say they want to know what she likes, they really don’t. Whenever she tells them, they run out of her life as fast as they can.

When her boyfriends run out on her, she has her usual night of staying in and eating a tub of ice cream, but she’s not ready to give up on men just yet. They can’t all suck, even if her friend Kate thinks they all do. Miley still believes there has to be someone out there for her. Someone willing to fulfill her needs.

When Miley and Ryan cross paths on their search for love, they hope their lifestyles won’t be too much for the other one to handle.

Intended for mature audiences.

Book 2, Not All Men Suck can be found here: Not All Men Suck (A Wanting To Love Story, Book 2)


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